<Abuja, 1-3 August 2019/> GLOBAL YOUTH EMPLOYMENT FORUM 2019
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  • More than 59 million young people are unemployed. How can we harness and redirect their potential for social cohesion and economic prosperity? At the same time, the global market is on track to add millions of jobs for people with advanced

  • The Youth Employment ShareFair is an opportunity for young people to share their projects, initiatives, and startups during the Forum.  On 2 August, two dozen young entrepreneurs will display and discuss their projects around the youth employment challenge. Ideas include data

  • Digital skills are key to young people's employability and their employment prospects. Guy Ryder, Director-General, ILO The UN Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth focuses on interventions that are locally owned, aligned with national development priorities, and based on rigorous evidence

  • GENEVA (ILO News) - More than 200 young people from around the world will be attending the Global Youth Employment Forum in Abuja, Nigeria to discuss how to ensure more and better quality jobs for young people. The forum, organized by