<Abuja, 1-3 August 2019/> GLOBAL YOUTH EMPLOYMENT FORUM 2019
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About the forum

The Global Youth Employment Forum will be held from 1 to 3 August 2019 at the Sheraton Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria

The three-day event aims to accelerate progress in fulfilling youth employment-related targets and Sustainable Development Goals. It is also a celebration of 60 years of the ILO’s presence in Africa, as well as 100 years of the ILO’s work promoting decent jobs for youth.

Youth employment has long been at or near the top of national development agendas, and progressive guidance on how to improve young people’s transition to decent work is in high demand. The African context is also significant: By 2050, the continent will account for 33 percent of 15- to 29-year-olds worldwide.



The Forum will unite young people, government representatives, social partners, academics, and staff from multilateral organizations, regional institutions, foundations, civil society, and the private sector to:

  • Discuss the future of work, the transition to decent work, and emerging challenges
  • Facilitate intra- and inter-generational sharing of knowledge and experiences
  • Boost decent jobs for youth, equality, and rights

The ILO is motivated to hear from young people on topics ranging from emerging challenges for youth labour market transitions to concrete commitments for actions and partnerships on youth employment.

Participants and those who follow the event from a distance will:

  • Exchange ideas with a diverse group of people committed to decent jobs for youth
  • Discuss the ILO Resolution entitled The Youth Employment Crisis: A Call for Action
  • Listen to and participate in interactive sessions co-designed by young people
  • Engage in youth-moderated virtual chats
  • Read a final report that summarizes the best ideas and makes recommendations
  • Post on social networks using the hashtag #myfutureofwork
  • Learn about entrepreneurial young people’s innovative ideas at the ShareFair exhibition

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