<Abuja, 1-3 August 2019/> GLOBAL YOUTH EMPLOYMENT FORUM 2019
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>#yef2019 >The Global Youth Employment Forum 2019

The Global Youth Employment Forum 2019

More than 59 million young people are unemployed. How can we harness and redirect their potential for social cohesion and economic prosperity?

At the same time, the global market is on track to add millions of jobs for people with advanced digital skills. Are those opportunities inclusive and equitable for all?

75% of inactive, out-of-school youth are female. Is that by choice?

These are among the questions and ideas behind the ILO’s Global Youth Employment Forum from 1 to 3 August 2019 in Abuja, Nigeria. Overall, the event aims to accelerate progress on youth employment-related targets and youth-related Sustainable Development Goals.

More than 200 young people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds have been invited to work together and discuss complex youth employment problems around themes such as young women, young people in the gig economy, digital jobs for youth, and many more.

The Forum will also draw on the knowledge and experiences of government representatives, social partners, academics, and staff from multilateral organizations, regional institutions, foundations, civil society, and the private sector.

Fifteen young entrepreneurs have already put their ideas into action. At the ShareFair exhibition, they will present their unique solutions to some of today’s most pressing employment issues, including young people not in employment, education, or training and youth in the rural economy.

Some of the project titles are:

  • My farm, my swag
  • Art for social change, a mentorship initiative
  • Livable landscape, imagining quality in the youth gig economy

As the Forum specifically responds to global efforts to advance the ILO Call for Action on Youth Employment, participants have already completed a webinar series to kick off the conversation around the Resolution.

The webinars posed two key questions:

  • What are innovative solutions to advance the five pillars of the Resolution?
  • What are emerging issues related to the five pillars of the Resolution?

The face-to-face Forum sessions in Abuja will be guided by the International Training Centre of the ILO, the training arm of the ILO that specializes in innovative learning methodologies. Sessions include a TV talk show style conversation (with a built-in backchannel for audiences to submit live feedback), round table sessions, fishbowl discussions, expert panels, “dinner roulette,” and more.

You can follow a livestream of day 1 events and activities here

Finally, the ILO is building upon its #myfutureofwork social media campaign, originally launched in New York in April 2019. In Abuja, the ILO aims to infuse the hashtag with new, young, and intergenerational perspectives.

The ILO invites young participants to look to the future, claim it, and take the #myfutureofwork challenge. Here’s how it works:

  • Post a selfie video that starts with the statement “I want my future of work to be…”
  • Post the video on Twitter using the hashtag #myfutureofwork
  • Tag three friends to take the challenge

This event is designed to inspire a global audience to think about how to include young people in decision making and solutions ideation to advance the youth employment agenda from now until 2030 and beyond.