<Abuja, 1-3 August 2019/> GLOBAL YOUTH EMPLOYMENT FORUM 2019
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ShareFair encourages innovation

The Youth Employment ShareFair is an opportunity for young people to share their projects, initiatives, and startups during the Forum. 

On 2 August, two dozen young entrepreneurs will display and discuss their projects around the youth employment challenge. Ideas include data gathering and policy making solutions, grassroots initiatives, public-private partnerships, and more.

The goal of the ShareFair is to identify interventions, actions, and approaches that promote inclusion and respect diversity for specific groups.

The ShareFair will be structured around the following themes

  • Youth in the rural economy
  • Young women
  • Young migrants and refugees
  • Young persons with disability
  • Indigenous youth 
  • Youth engaged in the gig/platform economy
  • Youth not in employment, education, or training

Some of the project titles are:

  • My farm, my swag
  • Art for social change, a mentorship initiative
  • Livable landscape, imagining quality in the youth gig economy
  • Bridging the gap, a digital matchmaking program for youth and employers
  • Intersectional ideas: Boosting employment for young women, migrants, and refugees

The projects focus on a wide range of geographic areas, including Kenya, Afghanistan, and Mongolia. 

While touring the stands, participants will have the opportunity to “invest,” using a fictional currency, in the initiatives they believe have the most potential for success. 

Three prizes will be awarded:

  • Most capital raised
  • Most relevant to the Call for Action
  • Most diverse and inclusive

The ILO’s Global Youth Employment Forum from 1 to 3 August 2019 in Abuja, Nigeria aims to accelerate progress on youth employment-related targets and youth-related Sustainable Development Goals. 

Follow the livestream of day 1 events and activities here